Classic 4th of July Recipe — Salmon, Potatoes, and Peas


While hamburgers and hot dogs are typically part of every July 4th barbecue, consider this classic New England 4th of July menu of salmon, peas and potatoes, dating back to almost Revolutionary times.

This menu is not only fresh and readily available at this time of year, but it’s very easy to cook in a camp setting.

  • Salmon cooks nicely on the grill; unlike other “fall apart fish,” salmon holds together nicely and can also be wrapped in foil to keep the meat moist.
  • New potatoes make the best potato salad with very little boiling, and for a festive touch you can splurge on a variety bag of red, white and blue potatoes. Add some chopped onion and a few dollops of mayonnaise and you will soon wish you had made twice as much.
  • Fresh peas can be eaten raw or flash-boiled. Pop them into the potato salad or eat them by the forkful with butter and salt. Yum.

And for dessert, serve fresh strawberries – perfect on their own or with ice cream.