Things to Do on Your Next Camping Trip

Camping trips often involve outdoor recreation, such as swimming, tubing, fishing, and hiking, and opportunities to sit back and relax. During these trips, many families and friends have their own traditions, such as a “game night” or “craft day.” There are so many ways to customize your camping experience based on the season, location of your campsite, and the interests of you and your group.

Here are some ideas for your family or group to consider for your next camping trip:

NH camping fun things to doTake a family or group photo: A planned photo that captures the essence of your camping trip will become a treasured keepsake, and may be used as a holiday card or contribution to a family album. As you organize your camping trip, think of the special places and scenes that mean the most to you, your group or family. Should there be a mountain in the background? Or a firepit in the foreground? In many families or groups, one or two members become the de facto photojournalists, and we are all grateful when they capture special moments and scenes. Ideally you will find a helpful fellow-camper to take pictures; but practice using your camera’s timer in the comfort of home — it’s not something you want to learn while everyone wants to eat a s’more or jump in the lake!

Plan to eat locally: One advantage of camping is that you can bring food from home to streamline and save money. On your next trip, consider  adding an “eat like a local” component. Find a farm stand and eat locally grown and sourced food to truly experience local flavor.

Schedule a group class or activity: Go online or talk to the campground owner to learn about about local area classes and guided activities that you can enjoy as a group. These could include rock-climbing, outdoor cooking or family yoga classes, guided nature hikes, and/or dog sled rides.

Keep a camping journal: Have everyone contribute a memory for every day. Little campers can write down some of the things they have seen and found. And, it makes great reading long after the trip is over.

Change up your camping routine: Consider stopping at “that place we always pass,” check out a new view, stay an extra day, or get up an hour earlier to listen as the woods wake up and see the sunrise. Ask everyone in your camping party to list something new to try. Keep it simple and say the experience has to be free if that makes more sense. Who knows? Your next “we always do it this way” tradition may be right around the corner.