Tune up and test camp your RV

Is your RV in “move in” condition for your first summer camping trip? Or is it possible that there are a few things you might want to check out before heading out of the ‘hood for your first overnight excursion this spring?

Even if you had it professionally “put to bed” last fall, or if you are skilled at self-winterizing your rig, you still might want to give it a once (or twice) over as you prepare for camping season.

Best case you will be pleasantly surprised at your level of preparedness, second-best case you find and 19666277_xladjust a couple of minor things that prevent a problem. And anything is better than realizing your fluid levels are out of whack or you are missing a fitting or gasket in Camping Paradise (which may quickly start to feel like “the middle of nowhere”)… on a holiday weekend. Of course fellow campers are among the most Samaritan-like of all neighbors and most campgrounds have core repair items, or can help you find them, but really, do you want to start the summer on a scavenger hunt?

Take some time to go over your RV’s manual and test the systems; if it means a trip to the dealer, better sooner than trying to squeeze it in in the last week before Memorial Day. You might even try a vacation in your own backyard, or the local WalMart to give it an all-systems test. OK, maybe just for the afternoon, but do what you can to see what works and what needs a tweak.  And go through the galley, refresh the condiments, cleaning and paper products.  From marshmallow sticks to propane, hook-up attachments to lawn chairs. Whether your camping trip requires a TV remote control or a rock climbing harness, make sure you have your act together.

An RV Checklist

Do you have a checklist for your RV? Before you hit the road either find your checklist or start one.  Whether you put it in your smartphone’s notes or write it in a little notebook, keep track of the things you need to do and the items you need.

Here are a couple of good checklist starting points: