The region of rolling farmland and picturesque towns gets its name from Mount Monadnock which emerges above the countryside and can be seen from almost everywhere.

The Monadnock region consists of many quaint communities that are symbolic of old New England charm. Unique shops, lively restaurants, art galleries, and museums fill the streets of towns including Keene and Peterborough. Take a drive around Hillsborough and check out the five stone arch bridges that were built in the 19th century. Stop anywhere from Keene to Winchester and take a walk or bike ride on the Cheshire Rail Trail. Explore the Pisgah State Park that covers the three towns of Hinsdale, Winchester, and Chesterfield.

If you are a history or nature buff, there are plenty of museums and nature preserves such as the Horatio Colony House Museum & Nature Preserve in Keene, where you can enjoy both in one visit. Experience The Caterpillar Lab, in Marlborough, to learn about the beauty of nature or visit the Mariposa Museum, in Peterborough, for beautiful displays of world culture and the arts. The Chesterfield Gorge Natural Area is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream with over 13 acres of scenic paths, bridges, and waterfalls to explore. Want more of a challenge, hike up Mount Monadnock’s 3165 ft peak where you can choose from forty miles of trails to discover.

The Monadnock region is home to many fairs and festivals including art and county fairs, music and harvest festivals, even a fair celebrating all things pickle. At the Winchester Pickle Festival in September, spend the afternoon enjoying pickle flavored popcorn and lemonade, or grab a pickle on a stick. Enjoy a show at Colonial Theatre or embrace the breathtaking open-air chapel and gardens at the Cathedral of the Pines. Whatever you prefer you will be sure to find something to enjoy.

Points of Interest:

  • The Caterpillar Lab (Marlborough)
  • Cathedral of the Pines (Rindge)
  • The Fort at No. 4 (Charlestown)
  • Marisposa Museum (Peterborough)
  • Horatio Colony House Museum & Nature Preserve (Keene)
  • Pisgah State Park (Winchester)
  • Cheshire Rail Trail (Keene to Winchester)
  • Parker’s Maple Barn (Mason)

For more info on Monadnock:

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Greater Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce

Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce

Rindge Chamber of Commerce

Monadnock Travel Council

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